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How do I register?
To utilize the power of you need to register. Click on the Register button. Select Media Owner (adding rate cards) or User (searching for rate cards). Complete the registration form and choose a password. An email confirming your registration will be sent to you. You can use this dynamic media tool immediately. There is no cost to register or use and all personal information you provide is confidential.

How do I add a Product?
Register first and then click on ‘Add Product/s’ and complete the form. A media owner may have more than one product and each product may have more than one rate card eg: Car (the magazine is the primary media product) with additional rate cards for other brand extensions.

How do I Add a Rate Card?
Register, click on ‘Add a Rate Card’ and complete the form. There is a 1.5mg limit - we reserve the right to re-size your pdf. You may add more than one rate card but each rate card must be assigned to a specific product.

How do I add Advanced Search Data?
Register as a Media Owner, click on "Add Advanced Search Data" and complete the form.

How do I log in?
On the landing page enter your user name(your email address) and your password. Click the Login button.

How do I Search?
Once you have logged in you are able to do a quick search. Select to search for either media owner or product, enter your search word/s in the box provided and click on the Run Search button.

How do I do an Advanced Search?
You can only do an Advanced Search once you have logged in. Select options from the drop-down boxes provided and click on Search.

I've forgotten my password how do I get a new one?
No problem. Click on the "lost password" button. Complete the form and an email will be sent to the email address you registered with telling you how to reset your password.

Can't find a rate card? Ask us to get it for you.
If we don't have the rate card you are looking for, email us on, enter the name of the product or the information you have regarding the media form and we will find it for you. An email will be sent to you confirming that we have found the rate card you are looking for.

How do you share the media tool of
Click on "Tell a Friend", enter their email address and yours. An email will be sent on your behalf inviting them to register and make use of - the home of the rate card!

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