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Welcome to ratecard.co.za - your all-media rate card library!

ratecard.co.za is the ultimate online platform for registered all-media rate cards. This database driven tool is your media partner, designed to conveniently find rate card profiles to fit your media strategies and campaigns.

Whether you are searching for print, radio, tv, digital, out of home, outdoor or online rates, you can locate targeted media channels through our user-friendly search facility. You may even discover options that you may not have considered before.

Getting on board is as easy as 1 - Register, 2 - Login, 3 - Search!

Ratecard.co.za charges a nominal fee for Media Owner product hosting. We are offering an unbeatable rate of R35 per product per month – this means that you can have as many rate cards registered under that specific product as you like.

Alternatively pay an upfront annual fee of R350.00 per product. 5 products or more and you only pay R250.00 per product per year. Send us your rate cards and we will upload them for you!

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